About Us

Welcome to Nature-K!

Who I am

Hello I’m Helene, mother of one little princess. This is my 1st project to be a mompreneur, offering eco-friendly products for Kids. I’m originally from Korea who stay sunny Singapore more than a decade. 

Last 2 years, I had a chance to live overseas due to family relocation. I had experienced non-desired things like pollution, toxic appliances, abandoned plastic trash etc. I believe that these things could be seen in many other places and eventually back to us with negative impact.

After back to Singapore for good, I decide to take a baby step to contribute myself to environment protection like using less plastic things (e.g. disposable bottles, utensils and toy for my daughter) and at the same time I would like to introduce some quality eco-friendly kids products to SG moms.

What We Believe

Nature-K believes in creating a better future for our families. Nature-K has made it their mission to introduce a lifestyle that comprises of safe, all natural products and 100% environmentally friendly for our children and the future generations. 

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Do you know Endocrine Disruptor?

Our eco-friendly products for children are designed and created with the purpose to eliminate Endocrine Disruptors in everyday products. 

Endocrine Disruptors are chemicals that negatively affect your endocrine system; this system helps to regulate physical and chemical responses of the body. This means Endocrine Disruptors can affect the developmental stages of the body, such as our immunity system, growth and metabolism. 

Imagine, from the minute we wake up every day, we are already immediately exposed to such harmful chemicals through the products we use. Just by using disposable/plastic plates and cups, washing our clothes with detergents and eating food sprayed with pesticide. 

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This is not ideal because our children’s development are also put in harm’s way through the use of their plastic bottles and toys. 

Research studies shows that Endocrine Disruptors pose the greatest risk during prenatal and early postnatal development when organ and neural systems are forming. These chemicals are then likely to remain inside our body and pass through the next generation.

Be eco-friendly to live well now and a better future.

Nature-K specially introduces safe products for our children that use 100% natural elements. Nature-K is the safest way to minimize exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals in our own homes. 

We are an authorized distributor by our suppliers and sell authentic products from Korea.

eco friendly bay product