About Brand - Teseum Teddy Bear

Teseum Teddy-Bear

Are you still using the plastic plate for baby? Introducing biodegradable kids’ tableware from Korea.

Made of corn.

All products from Teseum Teddy-Bear is made of corn. Therefore it’s very safe to use and biodegradable. Ink that used on products and packaging, is also non-toxic based. It is a real breakthrough innovation that offers safe environment for toddler and nature itself.

 safe plates and bowl for kids


Why do we recommend it for toddlers?

We often think that porcelain and stainless steel could be the safest dish material to use, compared to plastic. However, it comes to baby dish. There are some areas that moms wouldn’t feel very comfortable to use them due to fragility and non-microwave usage. easy to use kids tableware

User friendly design Each product is thoughtfully designed for toddlers to enjoy their meal time. Eventually they will be trained and learn how to feed by themselves. 

baby friendly design